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I am from Sri Lanka, born in Geneva in 1988. I started my studies in Geography and Environment then in Socio-Economics at the University of Geneva in 2012. The same year, I went on a trip to Bali with my father. It was at this moment that my love for photography began.


My studies in Geography have taught me that human culture is deeply based on places: the earth determines or influences cooking, clothing, architecture and even social relations. So I had the desire to better understand other cultures and to be shaken by them. 


I am constantly looking for new adventures, encounters, stories and smiles. This is the essence of my journey and that also explains my particular love for the portrait.The magic of portraits does not only occur when traveling. I also love to immortalize some key moments of life, such as weddings. 

Apart from my passion for photography, I co-founded in 2016 a non-profit organization whose goal is to encourage responsible consumption that promotes sustainable development and solidarity ( 

This site is in memory of my father, Kandiah Vanniasingam. His unconditional love for his family, his friends and his devoted work to refugees made him my first source of inspiration. He was my best friend and the best travel partner. He also offered me my first camera and always encouraged me in this passion.

All images from this website © 2012-2023 Vidya Vanniasingam.

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